The Rp&G Printing Difference:
Commitment to service
Not just in our work,
but in our community, our nation and our world

Some of our awards and recognitions

We are proud of these awards and recognitions that we have received over the years. Sure – they speak to a well-run business that produces great work and treats their customers right. They also show that we treat our employees right, and that we provide a good and fair workplace. We also treat our community right, and we give back and participate in making things better for those around us. The owners of RP&G Printing feel blessed to have success and work that is fulfilling and enjoyable, and we are happy to show our gratitude with the service work we do and the financial support we provide to the causes we support.

Small Business of The year

Cindy Ross - Wesley Chapel Volunteer of the year

RP&G Co-Owner Cindy Ross was proud to be named Wesley Chapel Volunteer for 2017. In addition to the Build-A-Bear For A Cause mentioned below, Cindy is involved in many local organizations and events including The North Tampa Bay Chamber’s Ambassadors, Women of Wesley Chapel, hurricane and disaster relief efforts, and Rotary Volunteer Corps.

  • Cindy was appointed to the San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union Board of Directors in 2017.
  • She completed the Leadership Pasco Program in 2018.

RP&G's Community projects

The Clayton Verge memorial scholarship for the arts

RP&G has been proud to present multiple scholarships to deserving high school seniors interested in pursuing higher education in the arts.

Clayton Verge was an arts educator who had a big impact on RP&G founder Kent Ross, along with thousands of other students through the years. Kent wanted to honor this gifted artist and educator by helping continue his mission of helping young artists pursue their crafts.

Working with the Pasco Education Foundation to find students in 3 area high schools who meet scholastic criteria and will be pursuing, graphic arts or fine arts for their college education, RP&G is proud to present up to $1000 per year to these deserving students.

Build-a-Bear for a cause

When RP&G Printing’s owners’ daughter was in middle school in 2003, she wanted to do a hands-on project to help other kids, so she got some of her friends and classmates together to build bears at the Build-A-Bear store in Tampa. With parents and a few donations, the kids built 15 bears, and they chose St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital as the recipient. It was so great to see them excited about giving to others! They enjoyed it so much that the next year classmates were asking when Build-A-Bear day was, and so a tradition was born. The numbers would increase a little each year, bears being donated to the Children’s Home in Tampa, St. Joseph’s and The Joshua House in Lutz.
When she went off to college, the yearly event ended, and Cindy Ross found that she really missed the experience! So in 2016, she brought the Build-A-Bear idea back to life. The event was named “Build-A-Bear for a Cause” and the first year all bears were donated to Farm Worker’s Self Help and Sunrise of Pasco. With friends and community support, we built and donated about 30 bears that first year back. People really enjoyed coming out and making something with their own two hands, and giving it a bit of their own personality with the clothing and accessories they picked.
As Cindy became more involved in the Wesley Chapel community through our business and the North Tampa Bay Chamber, she found that there are many children in our area schools who need a little extra support especially during the holidays! That is why she chose the ABC* program in the local elementary schools to provide these gift bears to each year.*(Assist, Believe, Care Program. The purpose of this program is to match community individuals and groups with needy children in order to provide basic essentials).
The schools work with us to determine the number of children in the program who could use a gift to brighten their holidays. 2019 was our 4th year working with them, and when the schools share the stories about how happy the children are, and we see the notes the children write back, it provides all who participate a great feeling!
Friends, Family and the entire Central Pasco community have been extremely supportive each year! We couldn’t do this without them and you! We were fortunate in 2018 to have built and distributed 211 bears that were needed between 8 area elementary schools.

In 2021, bears were delivered to Wiregrass, Watergrass, Chester Taylor, Quail Hollow, Denham Oaks and Wesley Chapel elementary schools. The “Build-A-Bear for a Cause” party night took place on 11/30, and between 21 people attending that night and from donations, 151 total bears were made!  

We have a great time building the bears at the party nights, and it is a treat to see people bring their own children out to build and give a bear for another child!

Rotary Club of Wesley Chapel

RP&G Owner Kent Ross is a proud Rotarian, a worldwide organization which is dedicated to providing service to others, promoting integrity, and advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Kent has served his club – The Rotary Club of Wesley Chapel in many capacities including Mentor Coordinator, Speaker Chair, Fund Chair and as President. He is a Paul Harris Fellow.

He has worked along side his fellow club members on projects ranging from picking up trash during clean up days on Highway 54, to installing water purification systems in homes located in the remote hills of Honduras.

The club hosts a variety of community events and fundraisers. The funds raised go to Rotary High School Scholarships, feeding the food-insecure, and recently a first-of-its-kind, universally-inclusive playground designed so that children with special needs can play along with their families in a safe environment. In total, the club donated $50,000 to this worthy project.

RP&G at work in the world

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