Design Services

Good design is where it all starts

RP&G’s professionally-trained graphic designers know their stuff! They’ll work closely with you on your next design project, and use their creative talents, skills and experience to make your marketing piece look better than you could have imagined!

RP&G is the answer for a business that wants to take their marketing to the next level – for those companies who just aren’t happy with what the corner-printer created for them, but know they don’t need the high prices found in most advertising agencies.

Our creative and skilled use of color, typography, photos and illustrations can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your next project. Good design helps create a positive impression of your company and helps you and your products stand out in the crowded marketplace. Like a good salesman, good design can help direct the prospect to what is important and help influence the prospect’s decision-making process in ways that are favorable to you.

Not Just a Pretty Picture
Many designers will give you a design that looks pretty, but because of poor planning and lack of production knowledge, it might kill your budget to produce it. Worse yet, their work might look great on your monitor, but the colors and image quality may disappoint you when it finally gets printed.

It’s Different With RP&G
Because we know and understand print production in addition to graphic design, our projects are created from the start to be as cost-effective to print as possible. You get a printed item that has an impact, looks great and is not needlessly filled with complicated, difficult to produce features that do little more than drive up the cost of an item.

Money Well Spent
Money spent on good design is a bargain. A professionally designed piece will make it more eye-catching and help you get your sales message to your clients more effectively. In addition, our talented designers can stretch your production dollar by skillfully using ink and paper combinations along with other tricks to get you the maximum bang for your printing buck!

Big Projects? No Biggie!
Our graphics team has the discipline needed on large or continuing projects such as catalogs, monthly mailers, price guides and rate books. We will design a style template for your publication that allows us to efficiently create each page with a uniform look and feel throughout from page to page and month to month. Using our skills and the most up-to-date software and equipment, we can bring in your next big project on deadline and under budget!